FINALLY – part 3 of the sake set tutorial

Yes, Yes, it has been a very long time. But better late than never, right?

Anyhow, here is part 3. This part shows you how to model the interior of the room. The techniques are very straightforward and good for beginners to have some fun experience with modeling.

Part 4 will be lighting and materials in cycles. Yay! I’ll work on getting part 4 ready within a week.

Feel free to leave feedback, questions, and comments. Hope you all enjoy!

My interior scene

Here is my interior scene after following the tutorial at  It’s uh…  well, I’m not super happy with it.  I could certainly make it better with some more time, but I didn’t feel like spending several hours tweaking it.  I think I got the basic idea from the tutorial…

The punchline is…  use the mix material to make a combination of diffuse and glossy if you want a material with some glossiness to it.  This is *not* a beginner tutorial on cycles.  He skips over a lot of stuff and just jumps right into the materials.  This was rendered with roughly 800 cycles.

Anyway, two down in two days.

My Fruit Splash

Well, here it is.  Although, I have to be honest that I’m a little less than impressed.  I baked the fluid at about half of what Andrew did in the tutorial and you can tell that the fluid is not super clear.  It still looks ok though.

The other frustrating thing is the kind of halo effect around the orange.  I’m not completely sure what that is, but it was in Andrew’s tutorial also.  My guess would be that it is somehow a consequence of the particle system since I didn’t see this halo in renders I did prior to putting in the particles.

The tutorial is good and is definitely a good introduction to the fluid simulator for beginners.  It gives you the basic idea and workflow.  The cycles nodes he used for the materials on the fruit are pretty impressive to my little mind and worth studying to see how he came up with the beautiful textures.

Overall, this feels a bit like a party trick, but it did accomplish the goal of giving an intro to the fluid simulator.  Maybe I should drop a sake set into water?

6 tutorials in 7 days!

OK, I know it has been a terribly long time since I updated anything. I’ve continued having fun with Blender but just haven’t had time to do much here. That is going to change.

I want to start on a mini challenge for myself and complete 6 tutorials in 7 days. Below are the tutorials I plan to do. Each day I will post the render here.

My goal is for the following week to use these tutorials to create something new. Maybe not 6 new things in 7 days, but I’ll shoot for at least three.

In my opinion, the goal of learning from other people’s tutorials is to learn new techniques and then apply them to your own work. So, here we go!

10/10 – Blender Guru’s Fruit Splash – Link

10/11 – Blender Guru’s Interior Scene in Cycles – Link

10/12 – Blender Diplom’s Logo Dissolve – Link

10/13 – CG Master’s Modeling a Ninja (this is a long one, hopefully can complete) – Link

10/14 – Blender Cookies Modeling a Greek Temple – Link

10/15 and 10/16 – Blender Cookie’s Modeling a Hippo – Link

Stay tuned.