Making a Sake Set in Blender 3d – Part 2

Final Image

Just finished my second part of the tutorial on making the sake set. This part will focus on modeling plates, bowls, and chopsticks for the scene. The third part will show how to model the interior of the room and the fourth part will show the materials and lighting in cycles. As a reminder, these tutorials are geared toward beginners, so I take it slow and try to explain everything as I go along. Hope you enjoy!

In case you missed part 1 – here it is

Making a Sake Set in Blender 3d – Part 2 from david on Vimeo.

6 Responses to Making a Sake Set in Blender 3d – Part 2

  1. rangan says:

    I made the sake set watching your first tut. It gave so much satisfaction to me and your way explaining things are good. I am downloding it your second video and book marked your site to follow your tuts. Thanks a lot.

  2. lasioc says:

    Thank you for your clear tutorials. I just hope that you continue and make the third and fourth parts also.

  3. Kennedy John says:

    Thanks for the greet tutorials especially the way you explained about cycles. I really enjoyed following them.

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