Beginner Tutorial – Making a sake set!

As promised, here is a little tutorial for beginners on making a sake set.  I did my best to take it slow and explain everything as I went along, so hopefully it will help those just starting out.  I tried to emphasize some of the things I had difficulty with in the beginning.


If there are things about the interface that confuse you or you need some more basic info before doing this tutorial, I recommend watching the first 4 videos of CG Cookie’s Getting Started with Blender series. You can find them here

Here are the files you will need:
cherry blossom image
reference image

9 Responses to Beginner Tutorial – Making a sake set!

  1. SonnySee says:

    hmmm. I guess posting a picture doesn’t work, or I haven’t figured it out. :-)

    Here is a link:

    I used cycles to render it. The image is about 700 cycles in.

    Great tutorial. Just what I needed when I started. I fumbled along as best I could with either the too complicated or overly simplified tutorials.
    This was just what goldilocks ordered.
    Just right.


    • David says:

      Whoa. That looks awesome! I should have let you do the tutorial!!

      Very very nice!!

      • SonnySee says:

        Thanks for the compliments, but I did the modeling following your tutorial.
        I learned something too. That Shift+C shortcut is going to save me a great deal of time in the future.

  2. Aditia says:

    Hi David ! thanks for sharing this tutorial with us. Very informative.

  3. SonnySee says:

    Thanks again for the tutorial. I look forward to more.

    I posted my result at Blend Swap and credited this tutorial.

    I replaced the images in the blend file with some I quickly mocked up in gimp to be sure that there was no issues with licensing.

  4. James says:

    thanks for the great tutorial. I’ve been playing with Blender for a month or so, but the learning curve is very steep. I like it that you don’t assume anything about my knowledge, so although some of it I’ve already discovered, I still learned a thing or two. I wish I’d seen this excellent introductory exercise a month ago! :)

    • David says:

      I’m glad it was helpful. I appreciate the compliment!

      In the next week I’ll be posting a follow up to this where I do some additional modelling and then a third and fourth part of the tutorials where I show how to light and render in cycles. Hope that will be helpful also!

      • Mark says:

        Hey David, thanks so much for this tutorial. Love the fact that you realised there is not much in the way of good tutorials for us new guys,, after the introduction to blender type stuff. This is just what i needed, very clear and very informative, i learned a whole lot just by this tut alone. Oh and thanks for the extrude tip,, E to extrude and right click to keep in place while you can then move the view,,, trying to figure that out broke my heart over the last few weeks,,,,, im going to start my Sake set soon, Thanks again.


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