Continued work on my sake set

So, I’ve taken the elements from my tutorial and have been adding some additional things and doing some additional work on it. Check out the thread on Blender Artists to see how it is coming – I’m not quite sure how much further I’ll take it – I’ll likely set it aside for a while and work on something else.

For me, if I spend too long working on one thing I begin to lose perspective and cannot see the problems with it. Maybe it’s time to get away from it for a bit.

Cycles tutorial – Part 4 of the sake set

Finally, here is the last installment of the sake set tutorial. There are two videos – one gives a very basic intro to cycles. The second video goes through and shows you how to add materials and lights to the sake set scene.

To follow this tutorial, you need the following files:
Cherry blossom image – orig_cherry_full2.png

You will also need these from (I believe you need an account, but it’s completely free)
WoodFine0007 (Texture: #14285)
WoodFine0031 (Texture: #31730)

Finally, you will need to find your own background image for the view out of the door.

Have fun and feel free to leave comments!

Introduction to Cycles

In preparation for the final part of the sake set tutorial, here is a very basic introduction to cycles. This is really geared toward those that have never used cycles before and/or are very new to blender. I go slow and show you how to set up blender to render in cycles, how to set up materials, how to set up lights, etc. Hopefully you find this useful!!